Friday, March 27, 2015


I'm 34 weeks tomorrow so thought I should post some photos from the last couple of months! 

My sister with the help of some friends threw the best baby shower! So many wonderful people were there and I am so grateful they are in my life and will be such a good influence on our baby. 

Devan just had spring break so we went mini golfing! He is going to be a great dad! 

It was Tyler's birthday this past Sunday so as a family we went and visited his grave and hung out there for a while. It was he perfect weather and so peaceful there. 

My brothers have been so strong. They are such an inspiration. So many hard things have been thrown at them these past couple of months that I know are really hard for them. I'm so glad they know us sisters are always there for them even though we don't live with them. They have been able to come to us and hang out with us a lot when things get hard.

Devan and I are so excited to grow our family in a month and a half and can't wait for the new adventure of being parents! 

 I'm excited for these next 6 weeks to fly by and have my baby in my arms instead of a watermelon sized bump:) 

Friday, January 2, 2015


With the New Year here and so much going on I realized I need to be better about my blog. There are so many people that I don't see or talk to regularly so I will try to be better! Sorry if this post is forever long with far too many details than you would care to know. If that's the case you can skim along.

My favorite thing happening this year is that we will be having our BABY BOY in the beginning of May! 

This baby is definitely the answer to many prayers. At the beginning of December 2013 I had my first miscarriage when I was 7 weeks along. Then again I had another around May very early on. Since then we have been trying to start our family and it has been hard to wait for Gods timing to play out. Then at the beginning of October I had my first appointment with a fertility doctor to figure out if there was a reason things were taking a while. Before I left I took a pregnancy test just to be able to tell them I was 100% positive I was not pregnant... And what do you know?! It was positive! At first Devan and I were in a sort of shock so it took a couple of days for our excitement to hit! 

A couple of weeks later I had a lot of bleeding so we decided to go to a doctor for an ultrasound... In my heart I just knew I had lost my baby yet again. We were definitely shocked when the image of the baby came up and we were told not only is the baby doing great, but they were 12 weeks along! Definitely the best news I felt I could have possibly heard. 

As the weeks go by I get more relaxed, but I have to admit I always have that small amount of fear in me that something will go wrong. 

Devan has been the best support for me throughout this pregnancy. I was SO sick for about 2 months and I rarely, if ever, left my house. The throwing up and sickness didn't seem to ever leave my side! I was so thankful when it finally started fading. Devan has taken care of me and always asking me if there is some way he can help out. I don't know how I got so lucky.

 Most mornings are still kind of rough when I first wake up, but I'm so thankful it's not all day! 

I'm almost 22 weeks along now and cannot wait until he is here! As I feel his first kicks and see the growing belly as proof that he is in there I get more and more anxious to meet him. 

Here's to a great 2015! I hope all of you are looking forward to your year as much as I am! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014


I am getting some blog posts ready to post since I need to catch up, but I wanted to let you all know really quick that this cute Fourth of July print is FREE in my shop when you purchase $10 or more now through July 4th. Once you purchase it will be emailed to you directly! I didn't want anybody to miss out!

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Saturday, May 24, 2014


 Just got back from New York for the National Stational Show with Teresa Collins Designs and it was such an amazing trip! So many wonderful things happened at the show and we got to have fun while there. 

We took a Red-eye flight and it was... a red-eye. I was in the middle seat with somebody I didn't know next to me and let me tell you it is hard to sleep in that condition. 

We stayed at The New Yorker hotel and this is Taylor and I right when we got there. The room was TINY. There were four of us climbing all over each other through out the week. Luckily we all didn't pack TOO much (except my mom--- overpacked much?!). 

Booth set-up started right away. My mom designed a GORGEOUS booth and had such a wonderful vision. Unfortunately when we got there somebody had STOLEN the wood flooring for the booth from the center the night before. That set us back a whole day setting up while new arrangements were made and they set it up. Once that was done though we were able to get in there and design the booth and get product up all in a couple hours. The accent wall was gold foil vinyl and was gorgeous! it was my first time installing vinyl and it went pretty well... now I am tempted to decorate my home! Devan wasn't fond of the idea though. 

STUDIO GOLD is her new stationery collection and it is seriously AMAZING. I cannot wait until it is all in because I need it ALL. Foiled cards, calendar, notebook, tassel banners, labels, gold clipboards, stationery and envelopes, gift wrap and MORE. SO many cool things. She is such an amazing designer. I remember back in January when this collection was first started I just KNEW it was going to be something so new and fresh. I wish you could all see it in person, but click here to see the collection online. 

Everybody that came in the booth got a little "shot of glitter"... I was obsessed with these. 

The show was four days and was beyond what any of us could have expected. Get ready to be seeing A LOT of Teresa Collins Designs all around you. 

When not at the show we got to see a bit of the city and it was SO fun. Because I am a picture addict and there are SO many of them I will try to stop rambling so much and just let you enjoy. 

Battery Park: statue of liberty

Cute candy store... SO overpriced. 

Central park... i'm in love. Wish I could have spent more time in this place.

TC (on the right) is one of my moms best friends and is SO amazing. I absolutely love her and was so glad she could come on the trip with us. Even better I get to see her in a couple of weeks when I go to Florida for HSN with my mom.

Waffles and Dinges... AMAZING.

Cute rooftop restaurant.

We were treated to so authentic Chinese food by Craftwell and it was definitely not what I thought of when I normally thought of Chinese food. It was such a great experience trying new foods though.

World Trade Center memorial. Definitely a sobering place to be. 

Isn't my mom HAWT?! I definitely hope that I look like her when I am her age. 

Well hopefully you've been able to see a peek into our fun week. Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

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