Sunday, June 30, 2013


Devan and I gave a talk in church today... I was a nervous wreck, but I think we both did pretty well.

Here is a picture of both of us after church while we were walking home (we didn't have our car because we locked our keys in our apartment... oops!). Devan was embarassed because I kept making him stop to take pictures and people were driving by. Oh well!

Highlights from the past week:

 Ty and I hanging out Downtown waiting for Devan to figure some things out for school at the U of U where he will be going starting this fall.

 Later that day we went on a hike with my sister Taylor and Ty to Donut falls up Big Cottonwood canyon... if anyone is wondering it is SUPER easy (more of a walk) and SO beautiful. Definitely recommended.

The waterfall cascades through a hole in a rock into a cave and then creates a huge waterfall under where we are standing.

P.S. Isn't Devan a babe? ya.. I'm a lucky girl!

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