Sunday, June 23, 2013


Time flies! I can't believe I have been married for a month already. Now that life isn't quite so hectic anymore I figured I should start blogging again. It has definitely been too long... so where to begin?

1. We got married! Surprise! This is us right after we exited the temple. I just love how happy we both look here:) (photo cred: Mckay Pier- although she won't see this since she is on her mission now!)

2. Devan and I went on our honeymoon to Park City, Utah. It was so nice not having to travel very far, yet it definitely did not feel like home. This is a picture of Dev and I riding the Alpine slide and the Alpine coaster. My sweet grandpa was so sweet and gave us $100 to spend towards doing something we wouldn't have done otherwise and we decided this would be so fun! We also went and got a really good dinner:)

3. The week after our honeymoon Devan's parents took the whole family to Disneyland! 16 of us in all. It was SO much fun and so nice of them. I really have the greatest in-laws.

All of us at the airport ready to go!

Devan wanted to wear this to the beach... I made him change his shirt

Devan is a great uncle! walking to Disneyland

The Boys

The day after the wedding the family went to eat and when Olivia found out we wouldn't be there she started crying... How cute is that? 

Olivia is darling. I have a new nickname: Jon-tree

Kaitlynn is only 7 years old and decided to go on Tower of Terror... she didn't like it too much.

4.  So after two weeks of traveling we came home and it was time to unpack everything. Now two more weeks have gone by and we still have SO much to do! We are putting together thank you cards, organizing, decorating, getting jobs, figuring out school and more! It is so fun combining our lives.

I love getting to decorate:)

Devan's second half marathon!

5. My sister Mckay also just left on her mission this past Wednesday. Going to miss her!

Zach LOVES Mckay. He wanted to be in every picture... he said she is his best friend.


WOW! So much has happened. I am working on a blog post right now with all of our bridals. They are amazing and I can't wait to share:)
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