Friday, December 13, 2013


It's been a while, but honestly I haven't felt that there was anything to blog about lately. Our work/school schedules have been the same so nothing outrageous going on over here!

This past weekend we went with 5 couples up to our friends cabin and it was so fun! There was a terrible storm Saturday and I had so much anxiety that we weren't going to be able to drive home! I am a nervous driver anyways, but snow quadruples it! When we had out first HUGE snowstorm about two weeks ago I was a wreck! I called my mom telling her how I needed to quit my job and I can't do it... Basically crying all night. She calmed me down eventually and luckily the weather has calmed down a bit. I think Devan is pretty much a Saint for putting up with my backseat driving and me randomly tensing up. It's not that I don't trust his driving- it's all of the other people out there! But we got home safely after a fun weekend playing in snow and hanging out and it all turned out fine:) 

Can you spot the bird??

Have a happy Friday everyone!

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