Friday, February 21, 2014


I have had this sign I had painted for our wedding reception (left) last May and it has been sitting behind a door at our home for 9 months now. I didn't want to throw it away because I had used a canvas and felt that I could re-use it somehow. I am so glad I kept it. Devan and I got a new shelving unit from ikea to make the room feel more open since it is glass shelves and open sides unlike our old one. Once this was in place there was a HUGE gap of wall that was empty space and it just looked awkward. I have seen cute abstract paintings and decided to pull out all of my paints. It was so easy and took about 30 minutes total and anybody can do it since it is abstract and unique!

First I needed to make the whole thing white. I decided I wanted a lot of texture so I used Gesso to really build up the white and add tons of dimension. Gesso is what is put on painting surfaces like canvas so that the paint doesn't rot the surface... I didn't really need it here but I used it for the affect it had. Once it was gessoed I painted a thin layer of white so that any black remaining would be hidden and also white paint is just a little brighter and more finished looking. 

For this project I used oil paints and turpentine to thin them, but watercolors would work great too! That is just what I have. I decided on a pink, orange and yellow theme... from there i just painted! I texted pictures to my mom and sister during the process asking if it needed more. We text all of the time! Usually it is me sending pictures of my outfit for the day wondering if I look cute or ridiculous. ha! So they kept telling me more more more. So I went with it! 

Here are some photos of the process and what it looked like as it evolved:

Right when Devan got home from work I asked him to hang my painting and he is so nice and hung it right away. I think he is used to my crazy last minute projects by now... maybe?

My office is definitely my favorite and most relaxing place in the house right now and I love all of the personal touches!

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