Sunday, February 9, 2014


Friday night Taylor and Ty came down to our house to have some fun and then spend the night. We went to dinner at The Trolley. It is a little place in Springville that is seriously SO good and one of our favorite places to go. Seriously go there. You won't regret it. Afterwards we headed to the Provo Beach Resort at the Riverwoods to do the Ropes Course. You guys. It is only $8 a person for 30 minutes and you seriously won't regret it. It is indoors and it two stories. It is definitely kind of scary at first, but such a fun and different activity to do. 

I was looking back through photos and realized that since we have gotten married I don't have very many photos of just Devan and I.. so I am working on it!

So… he accidentally licked it. For real. That's what he gets for loving "wrecking ball" so much by Miley.

Snow piles just call for climbing them and posing weird right?

And then we decided to make it look like we were in the fire.

So… who knew Taylor was secretly a devil?

oh and Ty can control fire?

He's a catch:)

Tyler's face!

Definitely a fun Friday night. Hope everyones weekend is going great! 

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