Wednesday, September 11, 2013


As most of you probably have seen, my stepdad Tyler has been diagnosed with cancer and is fighting for his life. Since most of our family does not live directly by them, it is hard to see them all of the time and visit. So my mom always sends us updates on him through emails, texts, and calls. We are a VERY close family- always have been- and it means so much to keep in touch with each other.

ANYWAYS, today my mom sent us another email update and she told us about something called The Love Box. One of our sweet neighbors built a nice box, labeled it "Love Box" and put it on our porch. He told my mom that it was there so that anybody can bring by meals, or anything that they think my family might need anytime of the day. They can leave it in the box so that they don't have to ring the doorbell incase Tyler is sleeping or they aren't home and they don't have to worry about germs.

When I heard about this box I thought it was the sweetest and most thoughtful thing. We obviously have the BEST neighbors and friends. But it got me thinking about other reasons we can have a Love Box for. Maybe leave things for a spouse or child randomly? Or a teacher for their classroom? There are so many great possibilities! And they can be decorated so many ways. I definitely plan on making one of these in my near future.

 Happy Wednesday Everybody:)

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your stepdad. Hopeing and praying for the best for him. Thanks for sharing the Love Box. I think it is a great idea. Would love to make a few myself.

    1. Thanks Lynette! I really think so many people need one.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Gentry. The Love Box is such a wonderful idea!!


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