Wednesday, September 4, 2013


For real. I have been working so much lately. On Monday was Labor Day and I was supposed to work, but at the last minute I didn't have to. Let me tell you... it was HEAVEN! Seriously. I had NOTHING to do for the first time in it seems like forever. I started out by throwing on some sweats, taking a nap, then cleaned and felt SO good afterwards. I was actually rested when I woke up the next morning.

So anyways... on the topic of working I have started a new adventure! I opened an ETSY shop called YouAreMyHappyShop. I am so so excited to see how I can grow it eventually. I am not taking myself too seriously. Just a fun side job to let out my creative side. So far I have posted one design for a sign, but plan on adding more eventually.

Yesterday I sold my FIRST sign:) I opened my email and did a little happy dance on the spot.
So if you or anyone you know is getting married and want a welcome sign at your wedding let them know about me! I would appreciate it so much. And for the month of September when you order you can use coupon code: GRANDOPENING for 10% off!

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  1. I love this idea Gentry honey and if I was getting married I'd order one from you to be sent across the world to New Zealand! They are beautiful. I'd love to start an Etsy shop for my art/gift tags/tea light holders but all of the info about it bamboozles me! Is it easy to set up an Etsy shop? Smiles from NZ with love

    1. Thank you! It is SO easy to open one! You could definitely do it:)

  2. Good luck with your shop Gentry! Your sign is gorgeous!


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