Sunday, October 6, 2013


Ok. I'll admit it. I've been a COMPLETE slacker. I have been busy it's true, but if I'm being completely honest I just have not been motivated to blog. But I'm back:)  progress right?

First of all I want to say that while this blog is open for all to read and I love having people visit (I really do), I started it to have a way for myself to journal. I am not very good at writing on my journal every day but I think that blogging is a more fun journal! It's a way to include family and friends- even friends I haven't met yet- in daily adventures both big and small. I love knowing that family I might not talk to every day can come and see what is going on in our lives and feel close to us. So basically just thank you everyone for coming to read! I have been overwhelmed by the great number of people who visit this blog everyday to read and share in our life. 

The past two weeks have been busy, fun, eventful, had the ups and downs, and included and lot of family and friends. 

My dad and family came camping in the canyon right by our house and we got to go and stay with them for one night. It was mine and Devans first time camping together so it was exciting.
We even had a fun setup to watch the BYU vs U game:) 

The next day after camping I got the news of a neighbor, family friend, and one of my best young childhood friends father passing away. I was shocked and saddened and felt so sad for his family. The next weekend I was able to attend the funeral and celebrate his life. He was one of the greatest dads and was such a great influence. It was heartwrenching watching this friend go through this. I am so thankful to know of eternal families and the blessings of the gospel. This gospel brings so much peace. 

My mother in law Ann had her birthday and we got to all go downtown for dinner and then dessert. It was so fun:) I have seriously married into the best family. 

Sorry the photo is so blurry. I had a nice old man take it.

Oh I couldn't forget this gem of my brother in law Jordan..

Awkward photo of myself.. But my sister helped color my hair just a smidgen darker for fall. I Love it! 

I love my job watching three cute kids everyday! 

During coloring time I have fun too!

Ok get ready for this ridiculousness! Just look. Look at this beauty of a chair below! The real beauty of it you ask ( I mean besides the obvious)? It was 25 dollars! They were practically giving it away. The woman selling it asked if I was going to recover it. I just looked for a second and said NO! How could you even suggest it?

It is seriously so cute it our office and I can't wait to finish it to show you all. Devan got sick of all of my work scattered around the living room and I told him I couldn't work in the gloomy office so now it is getting worked on. My etsy sign business has taken off! So many requests! I can only handle one large sign a week and maybe two small. They take a while to make you know? But I have requests for the next month at least! It is great:) I also write up instructions for my moms classes she travels and teaches so I am quite busy! 

Last but not least it is general conference weekend. For any of you that are not LDS this happens two times a year and the whole church gets to watch the leaders of our church speak to us. It is a wonderful weekend:) if you want to learn more just click on the "I believe" link above!

Hope everybody has had a great weekend! 

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