Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy new year everybody! I had the greatest winter break filled with lots of family and love.

Devan and I in our Christmas eve PJs 

Devan and his brothers put on the nativity and Lexi and Nixon helped out. It was quite the sight.

Lexi was playing Mary and Nixon was Joseph. The best part is that Lexi loves the movie Frozen. The whole time she had the dress on she kept saying "i'm Elsa" (the queen) and didn't want to hold the baby Jesus… Needless to say she was a great Mary ;) and it was very cute.

I got to Skype with Mckay!! I have 3 family members on a mission right now and miss them all, but Mckay and I have always been so close and I miss her like crazy! I am always wanting to text her about things and joke with her crazy self.

(I got an AMAZING camera from my in-laws for Christmas and LOVE it so much… but these next photos are the only two photos I have edited from Christmas day. Don't they look great!?)

My sister is definitely a looker! and she's single guys ;)

Devan trying to learn his new Harmonica

2013 was such a wonderful year. Marrying the love of my life definitely tops the list of my greatest moments! 

Now I am so excited to see all that this new year brings. 

Devan and I have decided to challenge ourselves this new year and try to be a little healthier so we are doing NO candy and soda for the whole year. Wish us luck. Candy is definitely my weakness so I figured it would be best I just cut it out:) 2 days in and still going strong;) 

The other thing I want to remember this year is best said by this quote that I saw and made into a print that is now available in my easy shop here (sorry for the watermark I just son't want the images stolen)!

I think it is so important to remember that if you keep trying you will succeed! It is WAY too easy to get down and give up at the first sign of failure. So this year I will succeed in everything my little heart desires! 

So what are your New Years goals or something you are going to try to do better this year? 

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  1. my goal is to be SPEND more time with you. xoxo mom


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