Sunday, January 19, 2014


This post is going to be VERY picture heavy, but hey you are going to enjoy it! Yesterday Devan and I went with my sisters Taylor and Rachel to go to the Ice Castles in Midway and then up to Park City where the Sundance film festival is going on right now.  Devan has been wanting to go to the ice castles for a while now and was so excited to be going! We didn't know too much what to expect, but it was much bigger that I imagined! It's hard to explain so just take a look.

 Side note: from this point forward I just want to warn you… Devan HATES taking serious pictures. So you can count on him to be silly, inappropriate, and who knows what in most of these pictures.

These archways were so tall and when you look up you can just imagine one coming down and stabbing you… don't worry before we were allowed to go in we signed a release form releasing them from all responsibility just in case that happens;) 

We asked a nice woman to take a photo of all of us… she just kept going! So we improvised.

A miniature cave…

So what does Devan decide to do? ay ay ay...

 A little kid in a candy store:)

view from below

It really was so breathtaking with so many cool and beautiful places to look.

I love him:)

NOTICE: at this point we went to Park City and got dinner. Afterwards we decided we wanted to go back to the ice castles because they light them up at night. So the Park City pictures will be later:)

As you might have noticed this fool I know named Taylor forgot her BOOTS! All she had were her flat ballet shoes… she might have gotten frostbite. If she is missing a toe next time you see her you know why.

Devan being a great brother-in-law and carrying Taylor to the car when her feet were dying.

Welcome to Park City:)

For dinner we went to Main Street Pizza & Noodle. It is seriously good. We go almost every time we go to park city. That or the Mexican restaurant there. I would definitely suggest it if you find yourself in Park City anytime soon.

This is the best we could get…

 All in all it was a fantastic day! Hope you all have had a fantastic weekend too!

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  1. This place looks beautiful Gentry looks like you had lots of fun. I need to put this on my list if I make it to Utah

  2. Your pictures are breathtaking! What kind of camera do you use?


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